Year 2

Monthly Check In Calls

These will address:

  • Celebrations and Appreciations

    • What is going well?

  • Workbook review and updates

    • What does the data say about progress? Do you have it recorded in your workbook?

  • Support Need

    • What areas of support are needed?

  • To-Dos

    • What are the next steps we can accomplish together?

Monthly Monitoring Calls

These will address:

  • Issues/Concerns

  • Recently added staff

  • Professional Development

      • Content/data covered

      • List of attendees

      • Post-PD surveys

  • Parent involvement

      • Activities

      • Attendance

  • Activities related to project-specific goals

  • Data related to project-specific goals that show the intervention is working or not (e.g. interim test scores, etc.)


  • October - Fall Convening

  • November - March Calls

  • April - Spring Convening